AB Training Experts was founded on the principal of making a real difference to people’s lives both in business and personally. 

After many years in the training industry our Director and Executive Assistant saw first-hand that with the right support people can do amazing things. 

Our aim is to empower employers to find and grow the right people for their business and in turn grow their business and profitability. 

During our time in the industry

We have also noticed a gap in the communication of Government training incentives.

Many businesses, small and large, are unaware of the incentives available to them to employ or train staff. This is something we aim to fix. Our mission is to connect employees, employers, and Government bodies to help close the unemployment gap, via existing incentives you may not have been aware of. 

When working with us
you can expect


We will work with you to tailor a training and support package to your business and will deliver on that promise every time.


We believe together we can make a difference. We believe in a positive outlook, commitment and persistence in turn transfers that passion to the work we do for your business.


Businesses, like people come in many different forms and diverse backgrounds we support, cooperate, and care for all.


AB Training Experts personal philosophy that passion and knowledge brings success. 

With over 12 years in the training industry Arthur was privy to two sides of the same conversation about unemployment. Employers who couldn’t find workers and people who were unemployed not being able to find work. Having worked his way up through the industry from a working-class background, Arthur knew all these people needed was a chance, but understood employers were wary. To overcome this Arthur looked for ways to alleviate the employer’s fears and became aware of significant Government incentives in place for the hiring or training of staff in the hospitality industry. 

It was during this time that Arthur went to Townsville where he worked on several initiatives to deliver accredited courses to unemployed and disadvantaged North Queenslanders. In 2020, like many others, Arthur found himself out of work and he believed this was his time to start something new. Now proud to call Townsville home Arthur wants to share his love of training and consulting to provide the best outcomes for the businesses he works with. Arthur is known for his unique laugh and positive outlook; he is well respected as a leader within the training industry and is known for his integrity and commitment.   

kind words

“I was inspired and bought to tears when Arthur openly told me his personal battles, I then told myself no more excuses its my time to shine.”

– Kelly, Client Staff member